Los Angeles: Hollywood, 59th Birthday of Disneyland and Venice Beach

Los Angeles, also known as with its initials L.A., is one of the most famous thus populated cities of the Unites States. With the tourist driver Hollywood and Disneyland, it’s perhaps the home of entertainment industry. In a vibrant town like L.A., there are countless things to do. So, I’m just going to write the highlights of my unforgettable trip.

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From Europe to the Americas, it’s quite a ride. Hence, before getting into all the theme parks, it would be nice to relax at Venice Beach. Walking on the beach, renting a bicycle, passing by skateboarders and magicians, grabbing a hot-dog and an ice cream sound like the best way to spend our first day in this dynamic city. After doing all these + wondering how it would be to own one of those houses by the ocean side, we hop on our rented car. Unlike many would expect, the giant Hollywood isn’t in the middle of the town. We drive up to the Griffith Observatory to cross one of the things from our list: get a picture with the iconic Hollywood sign.

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There are two all-day activities: Disneyland and Universal Studios. Both cater for kids and adults. We had the best time in both attractions many years ago, once again we get amazed by both! Disneyland is literally the Happiest Place on Earth, not only because everything here is magical but  because we’re here with our beloved ones. Also, we’re extremely lucky to witness extra shows for the 59th birthday of the Magic Kingdom! Likewise, besides Transformers and Minions rides, being at Hollywood as a happy family makes these days excellent.

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Happily exhausted from the theme parks, we spend the following morning at another beach: of course at Santa Monica Pier over cotton candy… We spare our afternoon for the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. I get picked up by (a) Batman, yay! We take pictures of our favourite stars’ stars and dine at Hard Rock Coffee. If you’ve the time and money, watching a show at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and shopping at Rodeo Drive must also be on your things-to-do!

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