Travelling 101

How can one travel smartly?

Globalisation took over the world, transportation is easier than ever and travelling has never been more popular. Since I turned 4, I have travelled to 50 different countries for various great reasons with many incredible people. Based on my own experiences and knowledge, I would like to answer to question of “How can one travel smartly?” with special tips that not many know…


  • If you know where and when you want to travel, you can use the iFlyZED app to find Appsall direct and indirect flights. Simply put when, from where and to where you want to fly; find out all about your options.
  • If you know when you want to get away, but you aren’t sure where you want to go: take the advantage of your location flexibility with Fly Me Anywhere. This is an excellent tool for the ones who are trying to squeeze in an affordable getaway to a defined time period.
  • If you know where you want to go, yet you are flexible time-wise: check the destination-to-be’s calendar for festivals and such occasions! Especially, if you’re one of those people who travel to a town over and over again, spice things up by seeing the place with festival googles!
  • Looking answers to your countless questions on European railway? Rail Planner App is a boundless source.
  • In addition to airways and railways, keep in mind the new competitors of buses: BlaBlaCar around the world and Yolyola in Turkey.
  • Are you sick of Tripadvisor? Triposo is a satisfactory alternative with its app you can download to your smartphone/tablet for offline usage. Besides the restaurant recommendations and historical information on the country and the city, it also tells the kind of myths and stories only locals would know!
  • For the ones who like their maps electronic, Tomtom gives you access around the globe whereas Citymapper only in a handful metropolitans. Both show you ways to choose from either you’re by foot or riding a car-offline. Nevertheless, Citymapper takes it to the next level with its approximate time and cost calculations.
  • Don’t need guidance, good by your own just looking at a paper map? Check if your destination is one of the hand-picked cities where locals draw maps with their recommendations and call it UseIt.
  • Don’t forget to check how inside or outside your accommodation -which you picked on Booking, Kayak or Airbnb– is on Google Maps.
  • Ready for a brand new cultural experience? Although coming from two different philosophies, Servas and Couchsurfing both let you spend your nights with generous locals.


  • Before getting into all the packing, you might want to prepare a packing list on your own-Damla Bavullar.jpgaccording to your destination, the weather and the attractions you will do. This way, you won’t forget anything once you’re looking at your empty luggage and won’t put anything unnecessary in there either.
  • If you don’t trust yourself; after a serious filtering procedure with the information from the dates of your trip to the type of your accommodation, from how many people you will be with to the attractions you will join, The Universal Packing List hands you a complete list-actually more than one list.
  • Packing black, grey, nude and white tees as well as pants/leggings/skirts -almost- always saves lives. Moreover, no matter where I go, I always carry a pair of jeans and a white smart-casual shirt.
  • Likewise, regardless of the temperature of my destination, I take a pair of bikinis and a pestemal-serves as towel but takes less space than one. No one wants to miss out on an opportunity to swim or get in a hot-tub…
  • Getting a colourful luggage or differentiating it from other boring luggages with stickers or fun colourful belts will make your job much easier at your destination. And I’m not even getting into the countless compliments you will receive thanks to them at the airports, train stations and of course your instagram pictures!


  • As soon as you land in, check out the local opera/musical/theatre counter to see if there’s anything you like.
  • Once you are at a boutique or cafe local enough, ask the waiters about the hidden-corners of the town and take them hostage until you get everything you want!
  • Would you believe me, if I told you that I know someone who would walk you around the town throughout the beauties and deepness not-scratched on the tourist maps, tell the stories of these places whenever you want and at your pace? Your question should actually be “what” instead of “who”. I’m talking about the Detour. If you’re in one of the eight cities the app is live, I strongly encourage you to put your headphones in and enjoy the audio tour!
  • Do you have a researcher/adventurous side? Then Geocaching is just the field for you! Surprises hidden across the world by volunteer Geocachers are waiting for you…
  • EatWith allows you to be a guest at an exclusive event instead of being another customer of another restaurant. In one of the hundreds of cities EatWith takes place, pick your own chef and become a part of the local picture.
  • Where do you stand on photo albums? By selecting an objet at your first stop, you can gather countless pictures with similar objets and form your own sophisticated album. If you’re visiting Angkor Wat, make one of the temples or thousand-years-old-trees; London, iconic taxis or phone boxes.
  • Finally, before you leave, preparing a Spotify playlist with local hit musics can make your visit more authentic. Further, listening to these songs once you are home can take you back to your fascinating holidays.


After getting a general idea on your destination and planning it a little, I would strongly advise you to let things fall into their places instead of meticulously planning everything. A stranger you will meet at a cafe might not only recommend you a restaurant or boutique, but change your ideas and plans completely!

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  1. Güzel yemek için dünyanın öbür ucuna giderim.
    Yemek ve seyahati
    Gezip yeni yer ve yeni kültürler tanımayı çok severim
    Tavsiye bekliyorum Damla hanım
    Mutluluk ve esenlikler dilerim


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