To provide a bit of context – very briefly – I am from Istanbul. If you spend a little bit of time with me, you would find out that I fell in love with Canada and Canadians during my high school exchange. I spent the majority of my life in French immersion schools, so I can work with that stereotyped French who wouldn’t speak English with you. And I’m a Londoner for about three years now.

I started this ‘blog’ over three years ago with great passion. However, I got lost – first trying to perfect and prepare too much (my initial thought was to publish everything in French, English, and Turkish), second in my chaotic life.

I am now at a point where I won’t push this urge away and also I can make time for it again. Here’s to a new chapter where I will talk about not only travels; but also food, maybe a little bit of health & wellness, who knows maybe corporate governance… so you can pretty much expect anything and everything in this space.

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