Bruges: Mussels&Fries vs. Chocolate&Waffle

If you look up in the dictionary, Belgium is the country where one eats chocolate waffles for breakfast and mussels & fries for dinner. Some of us know it with Manneken Pis a.k.a. famous pissing boy, some with waffle, some with chocolate, some with icecream, some with mussels, some with fries. Western Europe’s delicious and … More Bruges: Mussels&Fries vs. Chocolate&Waffle

Travelling 101

How can one travel smartly? Globalisation took over the world, transportation is easier than ever and travelling has never been more popular. Since I turned 4, I have travelled to 50 different countries for various great reasons with many incredible people. Based on my own experiences and knowledge, I would like to answer to question of … More Travelling 101

Barbados: Stunning Beaches, Yummy Street Food and Rum

Barbados is one of the many incredible islands in the Caribbean Sea. For having travelled to more than a few of those islands, I can safely say it’s a must-visit! From Istanbul there are no direct flights, so I and my family first go to London via Turkish Airlines then to Bridgetown via Virgin Atlantic-for … More Barbados: Stunning Beaches, Yummy Street Food and Rum